The Ultimate Sparring Partner

Calling All Fighters and Martial Artists

See Through The Matrix

Your Striking Will Improve Faster Than Ever Before

Outclass your peers

Be The Best Boxer Ever

The Basics of Boxing Have Just Changed Forever

You want to be the Smoothest, Fastest, and Deadliest Striker in the World - But you're just Not Improving Fast Enough!

You're spending Hours on Hard Training, Drilling the Same Techniques and Hitting the Heavy Bag Over and Over - Slowly Improving Bit by Bit.

You Need something which will Take your Training Beyond The Ordinary!

Stop Wasting Time

Decimate Your Competition

You Have Never Trained Like This Before

Traditional Tools are Predicatable and Rhythmic, but in Real-World Combat Predictabile is your Enemy!

The Boxing Balls are Fast, Agile, and Unpredictable, Keeping you Focused, Moving, and Adapting in every moment.

The Boxing Balls will Totally Change how you see the Art of Striking, Rapidly Improving your Power, Accuracy, and Footwork!

"These are Awesome!" <br> - Isaac Tisdell
"These are Awesome!" <br> - Isaac Tisdell
"These are Awesome!" <br> - Isaac Tisdell

"These are Awesome!"
- Isaac Tisdell

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Boxing Balls: The Ultimate Fitness Training Device - Patent Pending

Elevate your fitness journey with Boxing Balls, the innovative training device designed to enhance your coordination, reflexes, and overall physical conditioning. This cutting-edge equipment offers a dynamic approach to full-body workouts.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Durable: Hollow spheres are made from high-quality materials like rubber and silicone rubber, ensuring durability while remaining light.
  • Flexible Connection: A sturdy, white elastic cord connects the spheres, facilitating unpredictable movements to challenge your agility.
  • Easy Installation: Includes an easy-to-use attachment loop for quick and secure setup on various surfaces.
  • Versatile Workout: Ideal for various fitness levels and exercises, adding a unique dynamic to your routine.
  • Safety Focused: Designed with smooth surfaces and concealed components for a safer exercise experience.

Boxing Balls is more than just equipment; it's a transformative tool for enhancing reflexes and developing greater agility and strength. Order now and start your transformative fitness journey!

Stike, Slip, and Roll

Unlimited Movement

Perfectly Simple

Each Ball Serves as both a Target and a Missile, Challenging you to Master both your Strikes and your Defense!

The Boxing Balls are Perfectly Balanced to Orbit one another in Profound Ways - Surprising, Engaging, and Fun in Every Moment.

Just Two Balls and some Elastic! Who knew that the Ultimate Training Equipment would be so Beautifully Simple?

Anywhere, Anytime.

Portable and Adjustable

You can hang the Boxing Balls Anywhere! Home, Gym, Park, or out Travelling the World!

Our Simple Looped Design and Retrieval Cord allows you to Throw the Boxing Balls over a Branch or Beam and Pull them Back Down without needing a Ladder!

There has never been a more Simple, Dynamic, and Versatile Training Product!

Everybody Loves The Boxing Balls!


"The Boxing Balls are awesome, I spent an hour on them in the first session!

They're great for the fighters, we've set the Boxing Balls up in the Boxing Ring now for the full sparring experience.

The Kids love them too, its like they lock in on them! The kids will just keep going."

Isaac "Planet Smasher" Tisdell
NSW, Australia

"As soon as I saw the Boxing Balls I knew they would would be a Staple in Every Gym.

They are so Dynamic and Versatile, Great for Accuracy and Timing.

They are so much Fun that I completely Lose Track of Time!"

'Conor "Conquest" Cron
QLD, Australia
Boxing Balls

Get Into The Flow

Your Time is Now!

The Boxing Balls are the next Big Wave in MMA Training!

Every day, more and more fighters around the world are seeing the benefits of this revolutionary training tool.

This is your Chance to Get Ahead of Your Opponents!

Don't waste time while The Other Fighters Win!

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You can Hang the Boxing Balls from Anything!

Their Light-Weight and Portable Design Makes Them Suitable For Any Space!

The Boxing Balls Use A Simple Built-In Loop. Just Pass The Them Over An Anchor And Through The Loop!

The Boxing Balls Are Perfect For Any Martial Art!

You Can Punch, Kick, Knee, Elbow, And Even Headbutt The Boxing Balls!

The Boxing Balls Are Natural Rubber Product, Designed To Be Durable And Safe.

We Can Ship The Boxing Balls Anywhere In The World!

If You Don't See Your Country Available, Please Contact Us For Help.

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